About Momentous Entertainments

Forget about the rivals, competitions are so genuine in corporate arena that a professional has to compete with own, every moment. Keeping the same in mind, and being thoroughly vouched to be the stand-out, we started our quest in October, 2015. We knew it very well that things are definitely not going to be too sleek in India. We were equally aware of the fact that the competitors grow here in geometric progression rate. Still, we accepted it as a challenge with the belief that being firm about technical expertise, knowledge, and team work, no task is too difficult to be confronted. And, Momentous Entertainments today has earned the reputation of one of the most established brands in the Delhi NCR Region.

Momentous Entertainments quest started as three dreamers though the dreams of each was different from the other, three of them were quite vouched to make something distinguish happen, which is quite evident through their hilt in the event management industry today. Well, it was no fairytale as happen in movies.

Momentous Entertainments is a brand today that stands on years of dedicated and grueling hard work. Moreover, this leading brand in communication and entertainment arena is equally exuberant today as well (to keep up the good work) as it was during the inception days, despite the entire overwhelming success.

Momentous Entertainments is established with its headquarter in the capital Delhi, with partners in prominent parts of the nation like Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. In addition, it has liaison centers and associate groups around the globe.

Talking about the expertise of Momentous Entertainments it has been commendable for its excellence in experimental marketing. The success story is quite evident when someone takes a peek in to the company’s portfolio, which includes names of more than 500 MNCs and corporate houses. Things get envious when someone finds the big names like Coca Cola, Bajaj, MTV, KTM ,etc.

Momentous Entertainments is consistently involved in developing creative strategies to make things really big in amusement arena. This leader in Indian event world always believes in making memories. The same is a reason that Momentous Entertainments enjoys a pioneer’s status in making Indian events lavish. Not just events, the company is proud enough to be the trendsetter in Indian television, PR, and digital arena, making the never before happen.

Our Expertise

Momentous Entertainments vigor segments have been Communication and Entertainment. The events organized by Momentous Entertainments exemplify the best custom designs for contemporary time. Through the process, the company has managed to be the biggest platforms for Brand Communication and establishment.

Momentous Entertainments  strategy has been to provide the experience that would make the brand or business synonymous for the product category it belongs to. And, through the process of making it happen, Momentous Entertainments has taken the investment level for the events and production infrastructures to the next level. Naturally, it can be implied that the company has been the biggest hubs for most upgraded sound, light, and furnishing accessories around the globe.

The prime difference between Momentous Entertainments and every other event management company is that Momentous Entertainments actually believes, instead of simply providing the service. Momentous Entertainments has thoroughly felt it that entertainment and events put the best impact for every product or industry kind. And, the company would be proud enough to call itself the pioneering name in proving that entertainment and events can be the most efficacious brand communication weapons.


Momentous Entertainments communication basically constitutes two components, called Brand Activation and PR Consultancy and Digital Services. A quick review in to both has been given below.

Brand Activation:

Being the most celebrated names in event marketing arena in India, Momentous Entertainments  knows the mantra of making the brands buzzed through live interactions and consumer experiences. The exclusive event programs organized by the company are custom tailored to develop a platform for effective Brand communication and positioning. Moreover, Momentous Entertainments  have been phenomenal through its numerous promotional channels, in terms of driving PR, sales promotion, sampling, achieving hefty brand visibility, etc by playing the best way with the media.


Momentous Entertainments entertainment segment is the biggest in the nation, and indeed one of the most renowned around the globe. The Momentous Entertainments entertainment Special Projects. These trendsetting platforms are the ones strategized, authorized and executed by the exclusive name called Momentous Entertainments.

It’s been quite magical the way these platforms have gathered the galore of love and recognitions. Moreover, the events combine the ultimate expertise and supreme star power to showcase the audience with something captivating every time.

Special Projects:

No matter it’s about enthralling India with the patriotic vibe through the awe-inspiring performances of renowned celebrities, or be it about spreading the charms of glorious Indian Brands around the globe, or organizing a Millennium Event in the nation making the audiences around the globe evident, Momentous Entertainments  has been just stupendous assuring the best production standard and event management standard.